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Spiritual Guidance and Healing Services  
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Healing & Guidance

Reverend Marcia offers guidance from a spiritual perspective on how to be at peace as you cope with stressful situations, difficult relationships, illness, and everyday concerns.  In many ways, she acts as a mentor or a friend who will listen with compassion and unconditional loving kindness as she gently helps you reconnect to the peace within.  As a Spiritual Advisor Marcia's services are available to all.  She currently offers spiritual direction to people all across the U.S. and clients can meet with her by phone, by Skype, through email, or in person if they live in the Boston area, South Shore or on Cape Cod. 

For those who wish to include other modalities in their healing journey Reverend Marcia also offers one on one Reiki treatments and personal relaxation sessions.  These services are offered as home visits.

Private Reiki Treatment: Reiki is the transfer of spiritual/healing energy through the laying on of hands based on an ancient healing practice.  It is a gentle, non-invasive, complementary healing method that promotes health and well-being.  Reiki may relieve stress, promote deep relaxation and release tension.  It helps to diminish pre-surgical anxiety and often reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation and may provide pain control and accelerated healing after surgery.

Personal Relaxation Session:  In these private sessions clients will experience progressive relaxation, guided imagery, and centering/breathing techniques that offer them new ways of coping with the stress of daily life.

In home services:
Private Reiki treatments
Personal relaxation sessions
Spiritual guidance sessions

As a Spiritual Wellness Consultant in the corporate arena, Reverend Marcia brings her learning, wisdom and practice of spirituality to large and small groups.  She offers guidance on experiencing practical spirituality in our everyday lives and feeling a deep and meaningful connection with the spirit within.  Through this connection, we are better able to live in balance and harmony with others.

Corporate Spiritual Wellness Workshop:  These group sessions are held on-site and open to all for discussion, sharing and to ask questions.  Meditation/guided imagery, progressive relaxation, stress management and coping techniques are all part of this program.